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Welcome Hunters! At Morgan's Meat Market we provide exceptional Wild Game Processing for deer and elk. As with all the meat products we develop and the processing services rendered, quality and customer service are our pledge to you.


We feel your hunting experience doesn't end in the field; it ends with great tasting venison sausage, jerky and steaks. Which is why we use only fresh beef, pork and seasonings to ensure a venison flavor that meets your satisfaction. We also believe the meat you bring in to our meat shop should be the same meat you bring home - just another one of our professional wild game processing policies.


Due to the high volume of wild game processing requests we cannot provide completion deadlines. If a time estimate is provided please remember that it is only an estimate, thank you.


*Morgan's Meat Market meets all regulations and compliance statues put forth by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture for a custom exempt meat processing plant.


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