Morgan's Meat Market
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Grouping of Fresh Meat Cuts - Hot Dogs, Brats, Ham, Beef, Pork, etc.

Custom Processing / Products

Full Service Retail Meat & Deli Meat Counter

At Morgan's Meat Market we're so much more than a meat processing plant. Just like our name suggests, we're a Meat Market; as such, we make sure to keep our display coolers and meat counter stocked with the only the freshest meats and products available. From classic T-Bone Steaks to out-of-the-ordinary Fiesta Brats, no matter what your taste buds are searching for chances are you can find it in our meat display coolers. You'll even find our awarding winning meat products right out in-front.

Over 75 varieties of homemade products!

Contact us to recieve a complete listing.

Custom Processing

Morgan's Meat Market offers custom processing and butchering of various meats including: beef processing, pork processing, lamb processing, goat processing and wild game processing. We maintain an onsite-processing facility equipped for custom cutting, grinding, sausage making, vacuum packing, labeling and freezing. Practically any meat processing procedure desired can be performed within our plant and we take great pride in offering our services on a personal, customized basis.


Our goal is to send you home with quality meats for your family and to accompany that with a customer service experience that is pleasant every step of the way. Contact us today to place an order to check the availability of your favorite meat product.


*Morgan's Meat Market meets all regulations and compliance statues put forth by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture for a custom exempt meat processing plant.


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